How many times have you clicked ‘agree’ without reading the Terms and Conditions? Whether you’re reading an article on a website or ordering a takeaway, click-to-agree T&Cs is usually part of the process.

Click and Accept

As website users who routinely ‘clickwrap’ (yes, it is a thing), our unquestioned left clicking flicks aside any concerns we might have over data breaches. We assume a sense of security because there are laws to protect us from contractual niggles, aren’t there? Apart from just now, where did you actually read that the information you provide is protected? What makes you sure that you haven’t signed up to a binding contract? And we yet click without reading the small print.

Read More Before You Say Yes

At Laytoe, our pursuit of quality customer service is rigorous. In fact, we put the customer first so much so that we’re asking you to think twice before instructing us. We’d like you to read our T&Cs so that you can understand our commitment to you. We know what we’re doing; we’d like you to be aware of it too.

Why T&Cs?

Terms and Conditions allow companies to state the guidelines and processes they use. It is the company that decides what products or services they offer, how they’re going to provide their products or services, and what they expect of you, the customer. With Laytoe, we describe our services on our website and we describe how we provide them. So, for example, you can see that we offer beam calculations, you can also see that a structural engineer makes the calculations. But where does it say how we charge for those services? And where do we explain what our responsibilities are? That’s all in the T&Cs.  

Refund Right or Wrong?

As a customer it’s only right that you should know what you’re paying for. Not just the amount you’re asked to pay up front, but other costs you might not have considered. Let’s say you’ve instructed Laytoe to make a site inspection, you’ll be aware that we charge £120 for this service. You’ll also know what this visit entails. You might wish you didn’t have to pay in advance, but anyhow, you’ve paid the fee and are expecting an engineer at your property within the next few hours. However, if due to unforeseen circumstances, you need to cancel, surely you’d be entitled to a refund. In such a scenario, what actually happens? A visit to our T&Cs should clarify matters.

It’s easy to understand why clients don’t always read T&Cs: in a word, boring. A litany of ‘therefore’ and ‘pursuant to’ isn’t exactly a riveting read. When it comes to T&Cs, people tend towards a CBA attitude, more politely referred to as ‘life’s too short’. It takes less than five minutes to read Laytoe’s T&Cs; why not think of that time spent as an additional investment in your property?