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Structural Engineer





Laytoe designs for the needs of homeowners as well as commercial clients. From worrying cracks to large-scale renovations, our structural engineers offer economical tailored solutions for any aspect of your project. We’re committed to providing an excellent service backed by professional indemnity insurance.

We’re building a reputation for excellence by matching our customers’ needs and expectations with realistic solutions backed up by the latest structural engineering technology. This means that if you need, for example, a wall removed, you can expect us to advise you on what is structurally feasible. We will explain all the possible scenarios for your request and will explain any technical language.

At Laytoe, we think it’s important to invest in people, that’s why we back projects like AMI (Academia Meets Industry). We have the privilege of working with amazing architects, surveyors and planners, but the best part of our job isn’t about us. It’s about you, your ideas and the spaces that matter to you.


Laytoe offers full-service design packages. We collaborate with expert planners and designers to see your project from inception through to completion.

Residential Projects

We pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. Laytoe’s customised concepts and designs create homes that reflect your unique lifestyle and demands. Thank you for asking us to be part of your journey to a dream home.

Commercial Projects

Laytoe completed over 600 commercial projects last year by investing in extensive market research to ensure that our designs remain current and relevant for a broad market. We are pleased to partner with leading architects, designers and contractors to ensure smooth delivery during each stage of your commercial project.

Our Services

Laytoe is dedicated to securing the structural integrity of our clients’ projects while future proofing the saleability of their builds.


  • Telephone: 02039835057
  • Email: office@laytoe.co.uk
  • Address: Office 18, 64-66 Wingate Square, SW4 0AF
  • Laytoe Limited registered in England and Wales Registered number: 10233898, VAT Registered 329330804

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