Structural problems require bespoke structural engineering solutions. Our dedicated team produces reports that satisfy vendors, lenders and owners who insist on the safety and structural integrity of a property as it stands now, and in the future.

We report on localised problem areas such as subsidence, cracks, load paths, load bearing for walls, and wall removal. Our full reports on residential and commercial properties throughout London and the South East include detailed roof inspections (superstructure) and/or an evaluation of foundations (substructure), if requested.

structural reports for cracks, subsidence and structural stability
  • Foundation inspection
  • Roof inspection
  • Load bearing walls and floors report
  • Soil erosion reports and solutions
  • Cracks and thermal damage inspections
  • Drainage issue recommendations
  • Comprehensive reports for buyers and sellers
  • Licensed structural engineers

A structural engineer’s report provides remedial solutions for areas of concern.

What will a Laytoe structural engineer’s report tell a mortgage lender?

This depends on the issues that have been raised by your valuation, condition report, or homebuyer report. These vary in detail from superficial valuations to more intensive inspections, but won’t usually provide the necessary recommendations required by your mortgage company. The purpose of our structural report will be, for example, to root out the exact cause of damp, buckling or subsidence, and produce a set of recommendations and instructions for remedying issues affecting the existing or future structural stability of a property.

Do I need a structural engineer’s report or a civil engineer’s report?

Both structural and civil engineers should be able to report on a property’s structural condition. You can use either as part of your mortgage application as they have the technical expertise required. What you should be aware of is that not all engineers are experienced report writers. Laytoe’s structural engineering team is fully conversant with the issues that concern lenders and have experience in writing reports and making recommendations that satisfy lending and mortgage criteria.

I’m not selling or buying a property, and I’m not adding an extension either, why do I need a structural engineer’s report?

If you have noticed signs of subsidence such as internal and external cracks near doors and windows, there is a high likelihood that your builder will ask you to enlist the services of a structural engineer before they can start any repair works. A structural report produced by Laytoe will be able to rule out natural shrinkage due to changes in temperature or humidity and identify how to remedy presenting structural safety issues. A report diagnoses any structural defects (progressive or in need of monitoring) and lays out a schedule of proposed repair works which you can then give to your builder. And should you wish you sell on in the future, you’ll be glad that you contacted us.

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