removal of staircase in a property

Relocating a Staircase


There are several reasons why you might decide to change the location of your staircase. Some of these are design-led, others stem from a need are to free up space that might be covered by your staircase. Generally, you will be advised to locate your staircase against a wall. Do bear in mind that while a project such as this doesn’t require planning permission, it does require approval from your local Building Control body.


Architect advice

Although there are plenty of DIY guides, we suggest that you ask an architect to design the ‘look’ of your new stairs and to ensure that your proposed layout has enough space to meet building regulations. In addition, you will need a structural engineer to advise on whether your project is structurally safe.

The role of a structural engineer

Let’s assume you’ve selected a new design and location for your staircase: what next? There are structural issues that need the input of an engineer. The first one being: does the original staircase provide structural support to the floor above? If so, you will need an engineer to design new beams – especially as a new opening will introduce stresses and loads (to the floor and wall) that weren’t previously there.

The role of a structural engineer is vital as only they are qualified to design any alterations to your architect’s drawings. It will be the engineer who provides calculations to ensure building regulations approval, known as CDM2015.

Stair issues

Laytoe’s engineers are happy to advise you on any staircase issues you have. Even if you don’t intend to move the entire staircase, we can inspect any niggles such as cracks on the staircase wall, hall or landing. Tackle these jobs before they affect the structure of other parts of your property.

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