AMI (Academia Meets Industry)

Are you interested in career progression for engineering undergraduates?

Structural Engineering Opportunities for Students

Research shows a misalignment between what students learn on engineering courses at university and the actual skills that they are expected to demonstrate in order to work in engineering.
We know how important it is for new recruits to be confident in ‘soft’ skills such as collaboration and teamwork as well as more exacting skills such as software proficiency and hands-on calculations. That’s why we’re supporting initiatives like AMI, launched by My Uni Tutors. We believe AMI could help students gain a meaningful foothold in an industry that demands more of its graduate employees.
Laytoe has partnered with My Uni Tutors to help bridge the gap between academic outcomes and the reality of working in engineering. We’re seeking to create internship opportunities that allow students to develop professional engineering skills.

Build on Our Advice

AMI provides career guidance for engineering students of all disciplines – from structural engineering through to marine and bridge engineering – as well as the opportunity to develop essential software skills. Laytoe is offering advice on tailoring CVs, application letters and interview techniques, and we’re also matching students with small to medium enterprises that can provide work placements. We think it’s important that engineering students gain a realistic appreciation of what a career in engineering actually looks and feels like.
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(Academia Meets Industry)
Help engineering students to develop professional skills.
We’re reaching out to companies who can commit to a short trial period so that students can not only develop great customer service and teamwork skills, but can also gain industry experience in any of the following areas: shadowing construction staff, assisting with the design of steel fixings, using 2D & 3D AutoCAD software, developing and applying sustainable and innovative solutions, and collating and checking data for buildings approval.

Help Us to Unlock Engineering Potential

Engineering students can really benefit from a wide range of work experience – from entry-level roles to more demanding projects. We’d love to hear from you if you think your company can help tomorrow’s engineers make a pivotal start today.

Our Partner Laytoe supports My Uni Tutors to help engineering students gain experience in industry.

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