Terms and conditions Laytoe Limited

  • Laytoe Conditions of Engagement shall be ACE (Association of Consultancy and Engineering) appropriate to the appointment, except as modified by the following conditions and the accompanying letter. A copy of ACE Agreements and full Terms and Conditions are available for inspection in our offices or in soft copy upon request by the Client. 

    Our report (SSI, GSI or any other structural reports) should not be used in the same way as a Pre-Purchase Report.

  • Laytoe will base its quotation fee on the initial instruction provided by the client. If, following the client’s initial instruction, further services are requested by the client or contractor (including but not limited to additional site visits, Building Control Body (BCB) requirements, revisions to plans and designs and unanticipated works), Laytoe will charge for such services at an hourly rate of £90.
  • After the calculation package has been submitted to the Client, Laytoe Ltd agrees to provide one revision, free of charge within 30 days of the submission date (this revision needs to be requested by the the Architect only). Revisions requested after the 30-day period (requested by the Architect or anyone else excluding BCB) will be charged at an hourly rate of £90+VAT.
  • In instances where a client’s BCB requests a revision to calculations designed by Laytoe Ltd, we will provide one revision, free of charge, if such a request/query is forwarded to us within 45 days of our submission of drawings and/or calculations to the Client. Additional revisions within the 45-day period will be invoiced at an hourly rate of £90+VAT.
  • Laytoe will issue invoices dependent on the level of our structural engineering input. In general, we will invoice clients when our design calculations are finalised and can be submitted to the client’s BCB. We will also invoice clients at further agreed intervals should the client/contractor request additional input from Laytoe. 

  • After plans, drawings and/or calculations have been submitted to a BCB, Laytoe bears no responsibility for the time taken by the BCB to grant approval. Further, Laytoe bears no responsibility for the time taken between submission and any subsequent requests issued by the BCB for redrafts, revisions and/or recalculations. Clients and/or contractors who instruct a third party engineer to gain BCB approval will be invoiced as per their contracted agreement with Laytoe.

  • Payment for Laytoe’s services as stated on invoices is to be made before or on the due date stated on invoices issued by Laytoe; partial or full payment confirms the due date to be a contractual start date.  

  • If a client neglects to make payment within 28 days of an invoice being issued, Laytoe reserves the right to desist from and/or withhold designs and/or calculations related to the invoice in question. Should payment be unreasonably delayed, Laytoe has the right to claim interest and compensation in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1988.
  • Where there is a query or dispute regarding an invoice, the client is required to communicate such concerns directly to the engineer whose work is the subject of the invoice in question. All queries and disputes must be made in writing within 14 days of the date on the invoice.

  • Our service offer is inclusive of one site visit and one structural report or calculation package. We ask that the fee for this service is paid, in full, up to 24 hours of the agreed date of the visit. We reserve the right to withdraw our service offer if payment is not received in advance. Clients may cancel the service they have requested and receive a full refund if Laytoe is informed of the cancellation in writing/email up to 24 hours of the agreed date of the site visit. Laytoe reserves the right to withhold any refund if notification of cancellation is received after the period stipulated above.
  • Under the terms of these conditions, Laytoe’s financial liability is limited to losses incurred only to the value of the Professional Indemnity Insurance available and in force at the time of services rendered.

  • Laytoe neither agrees to, not permits, retention clauses and/or the retention of fees.

  • The allowance is not made for the novation of services provided by Laytoe.

  • Laytoe is not responsible for advising on matters that wholly, partly, directly or indirectly arise out of or result from asbestos (including without limitation the costs of testing for, monitoring, abatement, mitigation, removal, remediation or disposal of any asbestos or product or waste that contains asbestos).

  • Where access to concealed, obscured or generally inaccessible areas (such as, but not limited to, lofts, voids, cellars and the like) is granted by a client during a site visit and/or site inspection, the client is responsible for ensuring adequate health and safety provisions and tools are in place. Laytoe is not liable for unforeseen consequences (such as, but not limited to, unobserved structural elements, inconclusive observation of structural elements, and displacement of and/or damage to structural and/or decorative elements) attributable to, or arising from, the absence of access equipments, sufficient lighting and ventilation during inspection. The charge for a site visit is non-refundable once a site visit has been made; extra fees might apply if another visit is required.

  • Laytoe is obligated to carry out all services stated in the agreed fee letter/email for the agreed fee in said letter/email.

  • If a client has stated, prior to a site visit or site inspection, that they are interested in a follow-up report or any form of written comment, they will be invoiced for any such services.

  • Clients should be aware that at the commencement of, and for the duration of, a site visit or site inspection, the engineer will take photographs and/or make video recordings of external and/or internal aspects of the property.
  • Clients requesting wall removal / wall inspection will be required to remove a portion of decorative cover, tiling and/or plaster from the relevant wall and ceiling in order for a structural engineer to view the joist and assess its load-bearing capability. We suggest an area of 30 cm x 30 cm to be removed from the wall where it meets the ceiling and an area of 30 cm x 30 cm to be removed from the ceiling adjacent to the wall that the engineer is instructed to inspect. Should a client neglect to remove cover from the wall, a further inspection, necessitating an additional visit, may be required. The cost of the additional visit is £90 + VAT.

  • Laytoe may recommend to a client that the detailed design of any part of the Works should be carried out by a contractor or sub-contractor and the client shall not unreasonably withhold consent to such recommendation. Laytoe shall not be responsible for such detailed design or liable for defects in or omissions from it. The detailed design of the following elements will be assigned to the contractor:

    • Bespoke glazing design and detailing will be undertaken by the specialist glazing supplier;
    • The preparation of the Desk Study, Site Investigation, Geotechnical Interpretative Report and specialist geotechnical design items (for example, piled foundations, slope stability analyses and associated retention systems — should they be required), will be undertaken by a specialist geotechnical consultant/contractor;
    • All temporary works;
    • All drainage works;
    • All proprietary products/ elements;
    • Reinforced concrete scheduling and detailing — Fabrication Drawings, Steel Connection Details.
  • Laytoe bears no responsibility for any designs or calculations made by sub-contractors and is not liable for defects, inaccuracies and/or omissions in the designs or calculations of sub-contractors.

  • The client is responsible for notifying the relevant BCB and for ensuring that sufficient time is allocated in order to obtain Building Approval before work can commence on site. 

  • The client’s BCB is responsible to check how the building work will be undertaken, the thermal efficiency, suitability of products used and the structural integrity of the design.
  • In instances where a client’s BCB requests a revision/ justification to calculations designed by Laytoe Ltd, we will provide one revision /  response, free of charge, if such a request/query is forwarded to us within 45 days of our submission of drawings and/or calculations to the Client. Additional revisions / justification within the 45-day period will be invoiced at an hourly rate of £90+VAT.

  • No steel sections should be ordered prior to approval by building control.

  • Laytoe is not liable for materials ordered, or elements constructed prior to BCB approval. As such, Laytoe is not responsible for costs incurred by the client/contractor for orders or elements purchased in advance of BCB approval.

  • Laytoe will agree to undertake urgent work and is within its rights to invoice for additional payment over and above the rate normally charged. For the provision of structural engineering services during the weekend, Laytoe will double its hourly rate.

  • Laytoe maintains a lead time of 2 weeks for projects up to 40 m².  Laytoe’s lead time will increase for projects in excess of 40 m².

  • Laytoe is not liable for onsite delays resulting from queries raised by contractors; our response to site queries is 2 weeks from the submission of our first draft pertaining to projects up to 40 m². Laytoe reserves the right to charge, on an hourly basis, for all or any additional services arising from site queries after the stated lead time.

  • The fee proposed by Laytoe, in writing, for structural design work is to be considered a fixed quote. Should the client request changes, or should a site visit disclose unforeseen elements, Laytoe reserves the right to invoice for additional fees. Unless otherwise stated, Laytoe charges £120 for a site visit; the client is obligated to make payment irrespective of the acceptance or rejection of additional arrangements arising from insufficient initial information supplied by the client and/or changes/modifications proposed at a later stage.

  • Laytoe reserves the right to subcontract part or all of the contractual work to a subcontractor or affiliate company.

  • Laytoe reserves the right to update, change or replace any part of our Terms and Conditions. Clients’ use of Latyoe’s services pursuant to any changes in our Terms and Conditions constitutes acceptance of such changes. For full details please click on this link.

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