Wall Removal

What we do

When you remove a wall to create additional space, you alter the structure of your building. This process requires suitable support beams which must be designed according to your project specifications. Laytoe ensures the safe installation of all support structures for your knock-through or wall removal.

Our structural engineers determine if a wall is load bearing. We then calculate the size and material of the beams required for safe removal. We’ll also assess the correct size of padstones to spread the load on existing walls – where they support other walls, roofs or floor joists.


  • Wall removal advice
  • Commercial beam calculation
  • Steel, timber and concrete beam calculations
  • Cantilever design for use with trusses and slabs
  • Calculation for splice connection
  • Steel column and baseplate design
Laytoe Beam Design


75 Broughton Street

Battersea, London





0203 983 5057

Open Hours

9:30 – 17:30
(Sat and Sun closed)

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